Sometimes you can become the most famous when you're last, and that's the case with a building that was home to an Iowa bank for 62 years.

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In 1934, four Iowa banks were robbed by a famous crime duo. One of them would be the last bank they ever robbed.

Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow (Bonnie & Clyde) robbed the first of four small town Iowa banks when they hit First State Bank in Rembrandt. They would also target the State Savings Bank of Knierim, a tiny town southwest of Fort Dodge, as well as a bank in Lamoni.

On April 16, 1934, the crime duo struck First National Bank in Stuart, Iowa. It is believed to be the final bank they ever robbed.

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On May 23, 1934, just 37 days after they robbed the Stuart bank, Bonnie and Clyde were killed in a shootout with police near Bienville Parish, Louisiana. That's more than 800 miles from Stuart.

Since the First National Bank in Stuart closed 79 years ago, the building has been home to a variety of businesses. However, the building still houses the bank vault, and that's not all.  Sheila and David Stone are the new owners of the building and Sheila told KCCI, "There's actually a rough patch on the ceiling where he actually shot his gun to scare them, to do what he says."

The Stones plan to open a luxury Airbnb apartment on the building's second floor. It will be named Bonnie and Clyde's Hideaway. They're already working on merchandise:

The street-level portion of the building will house a pie and wine bar. Construction on the building is expected to begin in early November, with a possible opening next year.

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