CBS News reports several Cedar Rapids establishments have received bomb threats today via email that has shaken up local business people.

City of Cedar Rapids
City of Cedar Rapids

The threat does not appear to be viable at this time and there are reports that similar robo-email bomb scares are coming in from across the country.

Nevertheless, several local businesses temporarily closed their doors out of an abundance of caution earlier this afternoon.

Cops say they are aware of these reports but say NO CREDIBLE EVIDENCE has been found to support the claims made in the emails received.

Here is a brief edit of the email received:

"My man hid an explosive device (Hexogen) in the building where your business is conducted. My mercenary assembled the explosive device according to my guide. It has small dimensions and it is covered up very carefully, it is impossible to damage the building structure by my bomb, but in the case of its detonation there will be many victims.
My recruited person keeps the area under the control. If any unusual behavioror cop is noticed he will power the bomb.
I can call off my man if you make a transfer. 20.000 dollars is the cost for your life and business. Pay it to me in BTC and I warrant that I will withdraw my man and the device won't detonate. But do not try to cheat- my guarantee will become valid only after 3 confirmations in blockchain network.

My payment details (Bitcoin address): (REMOVED)

You must solve problems with the transaction by the end of the workday, if you are late with the money the device will detonate.
Nothing personal this is just a business, if you don’t transfer me the bitcoins and a bomb explodes, next time other companies will send me more money, because this is not a one-time action.
For my safety, I will no longer log into this email. I check my address every forty min and if I receive the payment I will order my person to get away.

If the explosive device detonates and the authorities see this letter:
We are not terrorists and dont assume any liability for explosions in other places."

CBS News reports that anyone with information on the email is asked to call police at 831-286-5350.

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