Sammy Hodgett of the Quad Cities is 8 years-old, but he's already battled things in his life that many of us, thankfully, never will.

When he was just five, Sammy was stricken with cancer. He spent about a month-and-a-half in a medically-induced coma while battling t-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia. While Sammy was in the coma and during his recovery afterward he had to learn to eat, talk, and walk all over again. Throughout that time, there was one constant... the music of Blake Shelton.

Blake has since learned about the importance his music played in the young boy's recovery and has given Sammy and his entire family the surprise of their life... a free invitation to attend Blake's February 23 show in Moline. The invitation from Blake's record label stated:

... he would like to invite him and his family to come be his guest at his show in Moline on Feb. 23.

Sammy's mom, Becky, was totally floored by the news, telling WHO:

It's crazy, I just can't even believe it. You know, he's this big star and you feel like they don't always have time to look at that kind of thing. We're so thankful and we've been blessed, I feel like, this whole time. It's just another fun, family outing for us to do together, we're all here, we're all together, he's not in the hospital, it's amazing.

Sammy is hoping to get a new pair of cowboy boots for Christmas so he can wear them to the concert. Blake Shelton came through with tickets, and I have no doubt Santa Claus will provide those boots. I'd be willing to bet the elves at the North Pole are already working on 'em.

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