Your tackle box can be used for more than just fishing lures!

When you're out and about camping, fishing, hiking, biking, boating, canoeing, or anything else this summer, you're gonna need snacks. Instead of carrying around a bunch of containers or little plastic baggies, you can take your snacking to a new level! I present to you the Snackle Box:

The Snackle Box is essentially a portable charcuterie board. You just take a tackle box (we recommend a clean, brand new one), and fill each compartment with a different type of food. It's even better if you can find one with adjustable walls so you can change the sizing to fit each snack. The website Life Hacker says that it's a great idea for a few different reasons: "It keeps your various little foods neat and organized, while keeping your more delicate snacks from being crushed. The partitions in the box also keep the various foods from touching each other[.]"

What should you include in your Snackle Box? Pretty much anything you want! Some must have items include crackers, sliced meat, and sliced or cubed cheese. I've also come across some with different types of nuts, dried fruits, grapes, raspberries, olives, popcorn, small slices of bread, beef jerky, candy, cookies, tiny pickles, and pretzels. They're easily customizable to each individual's likes.

If you want more ideas for what to include in your Snackle Box, I suggest searching Pinterest or Instagram. I looked up #SnackleBox on Instagram and got a ton of inspiration. Happy snacking!

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