This isn't one of those articles or posts about how I think my team SHOULD have won. I'm a realist when it comes to sports. I'm 45 years old, and I've learned that if you take as much emotion out of the results as you can, you have an easier time living with them. But boy, do online trolls make that hard to do.

My favorite football team, the Green Bay Packers, got their doors blown off in the NFC Championship game. I watched it too. I saw the same lackluster effort as every other set of viewing eyes did on Sunday evening. After the game was over, I'd made my peace with the season. Hey, 14 wins, an NFC North title, a playoff bye, a playoff win, and one win from the Super Bowl? Most teams would take that season in a heartbeat and so would their fan bases. But we live in a day and age of simply putting each other down to boost our own egos. We feel bad, so others must be made to feel that way too.

I can take a little light-hearted ribbing about my sports teams. Many friends reached out last night and did just that. Honestly, any 49er fan or Kansas City Chief fan has earned the right to talk smack today. Their teams are in the Super Bowl. But it's the peanut gallery made up of fans of other teams (Bears and Vikings come to mind) that really tick me off. Belittling my favorite team and their effort. Saying the game was a disgrace. Could you have done better? Oh, that's right, you didn't even earn the right to TRY.

So I'll stay off of social media for a few days until the fervor dies down. I'll remember fondly this season for the Packers and hope they come back strong again in 2020. Maybe in a few more days, the Packer jokes will seem more humorous. Perhaps they won't. Either way, I'll root and cheer for my teams, and try to lay off of yours.

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