Do you drive for long lengths in the left lane on the highway? Or do you move back to the right lane after passing a slower motorist?

You may think it's a simple, common courtesy to move back to the right lane after passing - and it is. But it is actually the law.  And driving too slow in the passing lane is also illegal.

So move over before the cop who observes you hanging too long in the left lane give you a ticket for it!

The reason for moving over after passing is to avoid slowing the flow of traffic.

According to the Iowa Department of Transportation website: "the danger comes whenever traffic is moving at uneven speeds, especially if someone is going less than the flow of traffic in the left lane."

Your best bet? Stay in the right lane until you need to pass a slower vehicle. If you find yourself hanging in the left lane and cars are behind you waiting to pass, move over to the right lane and let  'em get by you as soon as possible.

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