When I suffered from a case of gout several years ago, I thought that it was just a one-time thing. I had eaten way too many shrimp at an all you can eat seafood restaurant. More than I'd ever eaten before. So it only made sense that I suffered for it. The pain was horrible. It felt as if I had fractured my foot or toe and was still trying to walk on it. I swore I'd never take gout lightly again.

Flash forward to this past December's holiday party. I had a lot to drink over the course of the evening. Several days later I noticed a familiar pain in my right foot. It was back. Too much alcohol was to blame this time around. I thought to myself, I did have a lot to drink that night. I'm sure with moderation I'll be just fine. Wrong again.

This past weekend Holly and I went out for a bit on Saturday night. I had maybe 4 drinks over the course of four hours. Yes, there were a few shots mixed in, but nothing that I thought would cause me any pain. Well, the pain is back and that pain is gout. I have come to the realization that at the age of 44 my body just can't handle higher than normal amounts of hard alcohol. Now, this isn't really a big deal to me. I don't go out much anymore and most of the time when I do, I drink responsibly. I guess it's knowing that I can't cut loose anymore should I choose to. I have to remember the pain the comes after the party.

So I'm back on my anti-inflammatory drugs today, trying to get the pain in my right foot to subside. I know it will in a few days. I also know that the next time I'm out and order a drink or two I need to stop. Because gout isn't a joke. It hurts. Just like getting older.

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