An Iowa City staple is going to be getting another location here in Eastern Iowa! Hamburg Inn No. 2 is set to open this spring at 746 Coral Ridge Ave. in Coralville.

According to their website, Hamburg Inn No. 2 "is one of the most famous food places in the state of Iowa." Their location at 214 North Linn St. is a popular stop for many political candidates and former presidents. Their Eastside location at 2221 Rochester Ave. opened back in August of 2017.

The Gazette reports that the Coralville restaurant "will have largely the same menu as the downtown Hamburg Inn," but with a few changes. Namely, a larger dinner menu and a bar that serves alcohol. That means they'll be able to add alcohol to some of their famous pie shakes.

General manager Seth Dudley also told the Gazette that they are currently working on a food truck for the summer season, and are considering opening another new location in China! You can read more on that HERE.

There is no opening date for the Coralville location yet, but you can keep up to date by following the restaurant on Facebook HERE.

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