People who beat their pets make me sick, including this story.

The Animal Rescue League of Iowa received several calls concerning a 21-year-old woman's mistreatment of her dog. According to "WeAreIowa", in December of 2019, Yelena Barr was arrested on a charge of animal neglect and the next day when she was released she bought a new dog off Craigslist. The dog named Toby, unfortunately, did not end up at a loving home.

The ARL then received several calls about Yelena's treatment of her dog. The calls cited her hitting, throwing and even choking Toby.  When the ARL medical team examined Toby, they found large bruises from the injured eye to the top of the head among others.

The Animal Rescue League says Yelena then hit the dog in front of an animal control officer. A criminal complaint from December 2019 says she "struck the dog 3 times with her right hand while holding the dog in her left hand. The dog yelped each time..."

Yelena was arrested and pleaded guilty to animal neglect and is serving 30 days in jail. Toby is being taken care of by the Animal Rescue League of Iowa at this time.

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