And just like that, 'American Idol' had narrowed down thousands of contestants to just 20!

Sunday night, the top 40 was cut in half after performing in front of a live audience in Hawaii. Monday night, the remaining 20 performed in front of the judges once more, with celebrity duets on the way next week. After those, six more contestants will be cut, with the top 14 moving on to the live rounds.

Honestly, I don't know how the heck they're supposed to cut six of these people. The talent left is absolutely INSANE! I almost feel bad for the judges, because whoever they cut probably won't deserve to go home. But hey, that's how these shows work!

I do have quite a few favorites right now, one of them being Laci Kaye Booth. The singer has country music roots, but she can sing literally anything, which she proved this week. Her renditions of "Georgia on My Mind" and "I Want You to Want Me" were absolutely stunning:

One of my other favorites right now is Madison VanDenburg, a teen that absolutely blew the judges away during her audition. She has been very consistent in her performances so far this season, and she has a great stage presence:

We also need to talk about Alejandro Aranda, because WHAT? This guy is nuts. I don't know what's better, honestly; his voice or his guitar skills. His version of "Yellow" by Coldplay was GORGEOUS. He's one of my favorites for sure.

I'm also slightly obsessed with Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon. Not only is he a phenomenal vocalist, but his story really makes you want to root for him. I love that his boyfriend is always there to support him, even though his family is not.

Ashley Hess, Alyssa Raghu, and Uche are a few of my other front-runners right now, but Uche was just added to that list last night. His performance of "Figures" may have been my #1 favorite. I LOVE him!

Check out the rest of this week's performances HERE.

Who is your favorite contestant right now? Share yours in the comments!

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