I was having a rather enjoyable Thursday afternoon at home, when my phone chimed. Twice in 30 seconds. Great...now what. Messages from two friends asking me if the Aaron Rodgers rumors are true. I was unaware of any such rumors. But after turning on Twitter I was greeted with this beauty from ESPN's Adam Schefter.

The story was later confirmed by other sources and suddenly, tonight's NFL Draft got a little more interesting. Would the Packers actually trade Rodgers, the reigning NFL MVP? It had never been done before! The only two times an NFL MVP didn't play the following season was because they retired! Rodgers and the Packers have been at odds for several years now an things came to a head during last year's NFL Draft.

Last off-season, the Packers were once again coming off a loss in the NFC Championship game. Many believed they were one or two pieces away from contending for another Super Bowl. On draft night, it was announced that Green Bay had moved UP in the first round! Were they after a wide receiver? A defensive star? Neither. They selected Aaron Rodger's replacement in QB Jordan Love from Utah State. I get the pick. As an organization you have to plan for the future. But apparently Rodgers wasn't given a friendly heads up that the pick was happening. It rubbed him the wrong way.

Fast forward to this off-season. The Packers made it to the NFC Title game again. Many think they're still a piece or two away from contending. But after winning his 3rd MVP, Rodgers wants a contract extension and more money. Packer officials make numerous trips out West to visit Aaron, with no deal getting done. Now, today news breaks that Rodgers is done with the Pack. But is he? Contractually he is under contract for three more seasons. He could hold out and force the Packers hand to trade him. Or the Packers could extend his contract with more guaranteed money.

One thing is for sure. Right now, Rodgers is angry and feels disrespected. Is he just being a diva? Possibly. Sometimes these things end up working out. But this feels different. It feels like the end of an era. It feels like things are about to get even colder in the Frozen Tundra.

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