It seems like a lot of area restaurants have been closing their doors lately, but one of them has some good news to share!

I was scrolling through Facebook this morning, just minding my own business, when I saw a post that made me look twice. Back in January, a restaurant in Robins called Lebowski's announced that they would be closing their doors.

I was super bummed because Lebowski's was one of my favorite local restaurants. The food was really good AND I loved the theme! I even bought one of their shirts!

Well, if you loved Lebowski's as much as I did, or you were disappointed that you never got the chance to try it, there is good news on the horizon! The restaurant will be opening back up! This is the post I saw on Facebook this morning:

Their official Facebook page also commented that there are new owners and management, and they hope to reopen by April 15th. According to CBS 2, the new owners say that most of the menu will stay exactly the same, with the possibility for some gluten-free items and a Sunday brunch.

Here are a couple of photos that I took at the restaurant before they closed down:


We will be sure to update you on Lebowski's as soon as we know more!

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