Big news if you're a fan of NaRa Thai Cuisine in Marion! The popular restaurant will soon be under new ownership.

Back in 2021, Natta Tantipanyathep Thomsen, the owner of NaRa Thai Cuisine, announced on Facebook that she was looking to sell the restaurant to new owners after three years in business. Two years later, that request has become a reality! A new post from NaRa Thai Cuisine says that the restaurant will be under new ownership at the end of August.

In the detailed Facebook post, Natta explains why she decided to sell the restaurant. She writes:

"In 5 years time, I have been working hard and enjoyed cooking for everyone, and enjoyed what I’m doing and am passionate to do this for my family, especially my Mom and for my son King who came here from Thailand to help us with the restaurant. I have fulfilled my dream to have a successful restaurant. As you may know, my Mom passed away earlier this year and I have been back to Thailand twice this year, and I have realized my heart is not here anymore."

Natta goes on to say that she will be spending time with family in both Iowa and Thailand, including visiting her sister in Thailand who is in bad health.

The new owners of NaRa Thai Cuisine are Lynn and Cory Hanson, who Natta says have plenty of experience making Thai food! The post reads:

"Thankfully we have found a wonderful family who is going to take over and love this restaurant as much as we have, and continue to give you wonderful Thai food and outstanding service. Lynn and Cory Hanson have been making delicious Thai street food at the Farmer’s Market, Asian Fest and other venues around Cedar Rapids for many years. Please give Lynn and Cory and their wonderful children the same love and support you have given us. We are happy knowing that they will take good care of our restaurant and customers, and we are excited about their plans for the future."

According to the post, the Hanson family will officially take over the restaurant after August 27th. It will be closed for a few weeks, then reopen under the new ownership in mid-September. For the latest updates, you can follow NaRa Thai Cuisine on Facebook HERE.

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