I love when the community comes together to help each other out!

According to CBS 2, The Great Harvest Bread Company in Cedar Rapids is doing what they can to feed federal workers in the local area who are not getting paid because of the government shutdown. Their Facebook post shows a photo of a "Shutdown Shelf" full of fresh bread with the caption:

"If you or someone you know is approaching the second loss of a paycheck because of the shutdown and could use a boost from our shelves, please stop in. We would appreciate help in getting bread to anyone in need."

We've worked very closely with Great Harvest in the past, so we can confirm that the bread is very high quality! The bakery is located at 5070 Lindale Dr. NE in Cedar Rapids, right across from Lindale Mall. They are just one of the local businesses doing their best to help out federal employees who are currently going without pay. Wild Hogs in Walford is offering up a free burger and fries for federal workers and up to two of their family members today, January 24th! For more details on that click HERE.

[Via CBS 2]

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