Say WHAT?!

I was scrolling through Facebook this morning when I came across some FANTASTIC news. One of my new favorite breakfast restaurants is offering a new menu item, but it's not on the food menu!

You've heard of beer flights, wine flights, coffee flights, and even margarita flights... but what about MIMOSA flights? According to a new Facebook post, the Breakfast Bar by Saucy Focaccia is now offering a mimosa flight featuring four of their unique flavors.

The Breakfast Bar, located at 1950 Blairs Ferry Road in Hiawatha, currently has five mimosa options listed on their drink menu. There's the Traditional Mimosa, the Caramel Apple Mimosa, the Tiffany Mimosa, the Orange Cream Sickle Mimosa, and the Peaches Mimosa. During my first visit to the restaurant, I tried the Peaches one (it was DELICIOUS), but it was tough to choose just one. I like knowing that next time I can try more than one flavor. I've got my eye on the Tiffany Mimosa (the blue one)!

Even if you're not a mimosa fan, you should still check out the Breakfast Bar. There are other beverage options, like Bloody Marys and "Adult" Coffees, but you can also visit simply for the food! Everything we tried was so, so good. I ordered the Cheesy Lover Omelette with a homemade biscuit and the Parmesan Potato Bake, and my friend had the Fruity Belgian Waffle with blueberries and Homestyle Potatoes with pepperjack cheese sauce. You can read more about our trip to the restaurant last month HERE.

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