Every week we team up with Menard's to honor another awesome teacher in the local area with our ‘Teacher of the Week’ award!

Mariah Reeves
Mariah Reeves

Congratulations to Mariah Reeves, a teacher at Prairie High School in Cedar Rapids! She is our final ‘Teacher of the Week’ for the school year! Mariah was nominated by multiple students and these are their entries:

  • "Ms. Reeves is a special teacher because she has a very kind heart and is determined to go to bat for her students within injustice. She has always stood her ground and let her students come to her with every issue. She is our rock and she is leaving soon and our class would like to nominate her for this award because we want to have a good way to say goodbye." - Samantha Ehler
  • "She is the most passionate woman I've ever met. She is so dedicated to her students and cares about us each individually. She is so kind, determined, brave even. She wants everyone to succeed. She is the best teacher I've ever had." - Nicole Adams
  • "Ms. Reeves has made such a huge impact on my life as a student. She has made me fall in love with reading and writing all over again and she has taught me beyond the classroom as well. Our whole class is hoping that Ms. Reeves will win this award because she is leaving soon and this would be a great way to say goodbye. We are going to miss her very much because she has been an amazing mentor."Grace Estenson
  • "Ms. Reeves has changed my life and many others in the classes that she teaches. She is an English teacher and she is always an optimistic presence during the school day. She has taught me so much about being a student as well as a good person. She is leaving at the end of this year and for her to win the Teacher of the Week on her last school week with us, it would be an amazing way to say goodbye as a tribute to all that she has done for us."Tu Ho
  • "I have never met a more passionate woman in my entire life. Ms. Reeves is the most dedicated teacher I have ever had and shows her love for teaching and for us students every day. She advocates for us and teaches us to speak up for what we believe in." Abby Long
  • "Ms. Reeves is a unique teacher. She constantly goes out of her way to make our school days better. She fights for our wants and needs and she will listen to our daily issues. She treats her students like her family and calls us her "sisters". Ms. Reeves has made me become a better writer, student, and person. She deserves to be nominated for this award because she is leaving Prairie High School to pursue a better job opportunity and we would like to send her off with a warm goodbye. We love her and she loves us, she's not just the teacher of the week, but the teacher of the year."Megan Fear
  • "She deeply cares about her students and how they learn and does whatever she can to help them no matter what it is. Whether it be coming in on weekends to help them make things up, or just simply listening to them about anything on their minds. She is leaving at the end of the year to continue to pursue a better teaching job and we will all miss her at this school but we know that all her students at her next school will love her just as much as we do."Cassie Pasker
  • "Ms. Reeves is the most genuine and kind person I have ever met. She truly and wholeheartedly cares about every single one of her students. She wants to see all of them suceed, and she will do whatever possible to see them reach that achievment." Mari Dawley

For being an amazing teacher, Mariah will be receiving gift cards from Wild Hogs in Walford, Half-Price Books, and Kathy’s Pies!

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