It hasn't been very long since we were all told to stay home, but it kind of feels like a lifetime! The days are all starting to blur together, and I know I'm not the only one finding it difficult to remember what day of the week it is...

To help you fight the boredom of social distancing, we here at Townsquare Media put our heads together to come up with a list of 50 ideas to keep you busy! Some of the suggestions are directed at adults, some at families with younger kids, and some are for anyone and everyone! Here are some of the things we've been doing or planning while we're stuck at home:

  1. Take the dogs on a walk
  2. Go for a scenic drive
  3. Try out an online workout (AKT Go has some great ones!)
  4. Pick up that book you've meaning to read
  5. Use Pinterest for home improvement project ideas
  6. Organize your closet/get rid of old clothes
  7. Binge-watch a show on Netflix (like Tiger King or the new season of Ozark!)
  8. Start researching a new project (Bob James is working on a planted aquarium!)
  9. Groom your pets
  10. Try out a new recipe
  11. Introduce your kids to some of your old favorite movies
  12. Discover new music
  13. Bake with your kids
  14. Teach your kids a new life skill
  15. Deep clean each room of the house
  16. Take a nice long nap
  17. Play video games (you can play Mario Kart with friends remotely on the Nintendo Switch!)
  18. Do puzzles (jigsaw, sudoku, crossword, etc.)
  19. Adopt or foster a pet
  20. Color in an adult coloring book (or a children's one!)
  21. Organize your junk or sock drawer
  22. Practice a musical instrument
  23. Start on your spring yardwork
  24. Order a meal for pickup from your favorite local restaurant
  25. Go on a hike or bike ride
  26. Sew face masks for hospital workers
  27. Use the internet to teach yourself a new skill
  28. Print/organize your photos into albums
  29. Do a group video chat with your friends/family members
  30. Sing karaoke in your living room
  31. Build a fort with your kids (or by yourself!)
  32. Break out the board games
  33. Learn/record one of those trendy dances on the TikTok app
  34. Rearrange your furniture
  35. Make homemade slime or play-dough
  36. Decorate your driveway with sidewalk chalk
  37. Donate blood
  38. Make cards/write letters to people in nursing homes
  39. Do some self-care (do a face mask, paint your nails, shave your legs, etc.)
  40. Use Netflix Party on Google Chrome to watch a movie with friends
  41. Set up a scavenger hunt
  42. Clean out your car
  43. Camp out in your living room
  44. Learn to bartend at your private, at-home bar
  45. Plan theme dinners
  46. Reach out to neighbors and family members who may need help
  47. Play Quiplash online on Jackbox Games with friends (the FUNNIEST game on the planet!)
  48. Do a photo shoot with your pet
  49. Do yoga or attempt to meditate (some yoga studios like Vella Yoga in Marion are doing online classes)
  50. Listen to the radio on your FREE KHAK app!

Do you have something fun or productive that you've been doing to pass the time? Let us know in the comments!

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