Social distancing has most of us feeling a little bit bored. With no restaurants, movie theaters, parties, bars, concerts, or any other fun events that involve other people, a lot of us have been finding new ways to keep busy.

I knew I hit peak boredom this weekend when I realized I was looking forward to doing my dishes. That's right! I'm so bored that doing my dishes sounds like an enjoyable activity. Lucky for me, all this extra cooking I've been forced into has left me plenty of dirty dishes to scrub clean!

Have you found yourself doing weird activities or enjoying mundane tasks because of social distancing? If so, you're certainly not the only one! We asked listeners on Facebook to tell us their tales of boredom by finishing the sentence, "you know you're bored when..." Here are some of the funny responses:

  • Tara O'Connor - "You know you’re bored when you go through your sock drawer..."
  • Shirley Bradley - "You know you're bored when the highlight of the day is when the mailman comes and you can stick your head out the door to get your mail."
  • Debbie Bunnell - "You know you are bored when you watch the same movie 5 times and start making up your own ending."
  • Katie Redington - "You know you are bored when you spend 7 hours straight playing The Sims and watching your Sim do her college homework."
  • Julie Rodgers - "You start counting how many grapes you can fit in your mouth, and challenge yourself to beat your own record."
  • Dana Coppes Johnson - "When you spend two hours scrubbing your bathroom floor with a pot scrubber."
  • Tammie Jensen - "You know you're bored when you have thousands of dollars worth of stuff in your Amazon cart."
  • Bailey Freese - "You know you’re bored when you old English all the trim work in your entire house."
  • Denise White - "When you start talking to your pets and swear that they're responding back!!"
  • Vince Mulnix - "You know you’re bored when you catch yourself standing in front of the fridge for the 5th time in an hour to see if new snacks have magically appeared."
  • Adrienne Marie Staton - "You make an Instagram for your cat... @TonyElTigreLoco"
  • Christina Robidoux - "You know you're bored when you wash, dry, fold, and put away the laundry all in one day."

Give us your response in the comments below!

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