Father's Day in 2020 was a lot like other days of celebration in 2020. Not exactly ideal. With coronavirus cases on the rise nationwide, and again in Iowa, many families chose to keep their distance. That, unfortunately, included my Dad. My parents have taken the COVID-19 pandemic seriously from the get-go. And one of the ways they stay safe is to limit their contact with people. I don't blame them. Both of them are of an age where they are more susceptible to contracting the virus. So a phone call would have to do.

Holly Brainard

As I talked with my dad on Father's Day, I commented about how nice it will be when we all feel safe enough to gather again as a family. My brother and his family haven't been out to see my parents either during the pandemic. They have two smaller kids who go to daycare and they don't want to risk exposing my parents to the virus. My brother summed it up perfectly, saying how horrible he would feel if one of our parents got sick because they went out to visit. Another socially distanced holiday is in the books.

Fortunately, I got to celebrate Father's Day with my three reasons for living! Cayleigh and I got to hang out at her softball tournament on Saturday. Carly came with Holly and me to a drive-in movie on Saturday night. And Chase, my surly 15-year-old, hung out with his old man and watched a couple of episodes of one of our favorite shows 'Hannibal' last night. That plus dinner together as a family ended a great weekend.

Holly Brainard

I hope all the wonderful dads out there had a great Father's Day. I hope you know that you are loved and appreciated no matter the distance. Here's hoping that we can enjoy some normal holidays in 2020. Because if coronavirus cancels Thanksgiving, I'M DONE.


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