Wisconsin has many haunted stories and places to share, but if you really want to dive into the state's creepy side, go on one of its most popular ghost tours.

'Tis the Season for Scary

The calendar might not say it's officially Fall yet, but Labor Day weekend has come and gone, so many minds are now preoccupied with thoughts of pumpkins, costumes, and ghosts.

Halloween pumpkin head jack in darkness night with copy space

One of my favorite things about fall is Halloween. I love decorating my home up in its spooky best, and I love dressing up in costumes. The only thing I don't get into each Halloween is the super gorey and scary stuff, simply because I am a huge wimp.

Scary movies always give me nightmares and creepy creatures jumping out at me in haunted houses is definitely not something I love, yet I am completely fascinated by hearing 'real life' haunted stories.

Wisconsin's Scariest Ghost Tours

If your fear factor leans more toward touring haunted places than traipsing through fake blood and guts, Wisconsin has a ton of creepy tour options for you to look into.

In fact, Wisconsin has so many haunted tour options to choose from, I thought it would be best to see which ones Trip Advisor travelers recommend as the very best.

Here are 4 of the best, top-rated ghost tours to take in Wisconsin according to Trip Advisor;

1. Brew City Ghosts: Milwaukee Ghost Tour - You don't have to wait until October to experience this walking tour that takes you to infamously haunted places in Milwaukee like the Pfister Hotel and Pabst Theater.

2. Cream City Cannibal: The Jeffrey Dahmer Walking Tour - Walk through the exact footsteps that serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer took when poaching 7 out of his 17 victims in Milwaukee. This tour is so gruesome, the BBC called it the 'Tour of Terror' and it has been featured on the Netflix series 'The Dark Tourist'.

3. Haunted History Trolley Tour in Wisconsin Dells - Take a ride on a vintage trolley to some of the most haunted places in the Dells like Spring Grove Cemetery and Brat House Bar 7 Grille where the ghost of a Union soldier has been seen repeatedly!

Wisconsin Dells Trolley Tours via Facebook
Wisconsin Dells Trolley Tours via Facebook

4. Shaker's Original Historical Ghost Tour - The building that houses Shaker's Cigar Bar in Milwaukee sits atop an old cemetery and used to be owned by the Capone brothers so it has a lot of creepy history and experiences to share. Jeffrey Dahmer used to hang out at this bar as well.

Here are even more fascinatingly spooky places you should check out in Wisconsin sometime soon...

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