Holy Hill in Wisconsin is the sight of beautiful views and a church rumored to perform true miracles, but legend says it has a dark, haunted side filled with terrifying creatures too.

The Mysteries of Holy Hill

The area of Erin and Hubertus, Wisconsin is home to a breathtakingly gorgeous church called Holy Hill...

Holy Hill Basilica, (aka the Church of Miracles), is a working Catholic church with exquisite architectural design and scenic views, but thousands of people visitors visit this church every year for two very different and extraordinary reasons.

The first reason people flock to Holy Hill is for the miracles that are rumored to be performed there.

Wisconsinfrights.com says;

Half a million visitors from around the world make the pilgrimage to Holy Hill every year, many of whom come for healing, and leave their crutches and eyeglasses behind to attest to the land’s strange power.

The second reason Holy Hill is a popular tourist destination in Wisconsin is far darker. Legends say the woods surrounding Holy Hill are inhabited by bizarre and scary creatures like the "Hermit of Holy Hill", "Goatman", and "Bearwolf".

The Mysterious Creatures of Holy Hill

Wisconsin Frights says many people have reported seeing strange creatures in the forests of Holy Hill, and many of the reports involve a dark-colored creature "with a snout like a bear but longer, and big pointy ears like a wolf", aka, Bearwolf.

A narrow road on Holy Hill called Hosback Road is also rumored to be roamed by a half-man, half-goat creature named Goatman that "darts out in front of cars, forcing drivers to swerve and plummet off the side of the road into the forest below".

The legend of Holy Hill's Hermit surrounds a young man from France named Francois Soubrio who was studying priesthood but then fell in love with a girl and caused quite a controversy. According to Wisconsin Frights;

He decided to leave home for a while to let the controversy subside. He promised his love he would return for her, but after a year he arrived home to discover she had been unfaithful. Soubrio murdered the girl in a jealous rage, then fled to a monastery in Quebec where he lived in penance as a monk.

According to the legend, Soubrio was at the Quebec monastery when he found a diary and map that led him to Holy Hill where a stone altar had been built and dedicated to The Virgin Mary. Soubrio journeyed to the altar to "pray for forgiveness for breaking his vow of chastity, and for murdering his lover", and many say his ghostly form can still be seen kneeling and praying along the trails of Holy Hill.

If you truly want to get a feel for the creepiness that awaits at Wisconsin's Holy Hill, just check out this video from The Wisconsin Files on YouTube...

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