For the last several years, thousands of people have been enchanted by the Ice Castles in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, but a new winter experience will be debuting in its place this month.

No Ice Castles in Lake Geneva, WI This Winter

I must admit I was super bummed when I saw a Facebook post from Stateline Kids that mentioned Ice Castles would not be returning to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin in 2024. Why? Because ever year my husband and I have planned to take our girls to see them, and then life got in the way and we couldn't go. We may have missed our chance to witness the magnificence of Ice Castles in person, but thankfully, a new form of frosty fun will be taking its place in Lake Geneva this winter.

Winter Realms via Facebook
Winter Realms via Facebook

Experience Winter Realms in Lake Geneva

The creators of the Ice Castles your family has grown to love are currently working hard in Lake Geneva building an all new icy experience called Winter Realms.

Winter Realms is explained like this;

Winter Realms is an open-air experience brought to you by the award-winning creators of Ice Castles. All your favorite wintertime attractions in one place, just, without the castle.

I'm intrigued, but if there are no ice castles, what "wintertime attractions" will be taking their place?

Here is just a handful of the cool things you can see and do and Winter Realms;

  • Horse-drawn wagon rides
  • Ice slides and tubing hills
  • Snow caverns, igloos, and ice sculptures
  • A smoking ice volcano...and more!

Tickets for Winter Realms in Lake Geneva

Winter Realms is hoping to open in Lake Geneva around January 26, but if Mother Nature can't get with the winter program soon, that date will likely get pushed back a bit. Tickets to Winter Realms have been on sale since December 6, 2023, and are already selling fast, so you better buy yours now while you still can!

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