When you think of the artists that today's preteens idolize, you probably think of Taylor Swift or Harry Styles. Well, Paisley Gardner is a little bit different when it comes to her musical tastes.

A few months ago, 11-year-old Paisley of Des Moines fell in love with a voice that she heard on the radio. The voice of an "angel," she said. It was the voice of Michael McDonald.

According to an article from CBS News, Paisley was shocked and disappointed one day when she looked up Michael McDonald and found out he was now 71-years-old, but that didn't stop her from becoming a huge fan. She told CBS, "I just had to deal with it, but it's ok." 

When Paisley's dad Tony saw that Michael McDonald would be making a tour stop in Des Moines with the Doobie Brothers, he decided to surprise his daughter with tickets. He documented the night on TikTok, which ended with an even bigger surprise: Paisley got a chance to get Michael's autograph shake his hand! The viral video caught the eye of lots of people, including CBS News.

After seeing the video, CBS set up an interview with Paisley, who then got yet ANOTHER surprise... a chance to talk to Michael over Zoom. She was so excited she started to cry! Michael then invited Paisley to come see one of his shows and hang out backstage, which she obviously accepted. It was such a sweet moment!

We hope to get another update when Paisley gets her chance to go backstage at one of Michael's shows! You can follow her dad Tony Gardner on TikTok for the latest updates HERE.

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