-The body cam footage in this story does NOT show any violence towards animals.

A Midwest man was hospitalized after being attacked by one of his pets. The pet? A zebra.

SiouxlandProud.com reports that the Pickaway County Sheriff's office was called to a fenced-in field near Circleville, Ohio at around 5:30 p.m. on Sunday, after receiving reports that a man had been seriously injured by a zebra that he owned. When deputies arrived at the scene, they saw the man lying on the ground with his right arm covered by his shirt sleeve. SiouxlandProud reports that dispatch logs said that the victim had his arm bitten off by the zebra.

While deputies were treating the man for his injuries, the zebra continued acting out, even charging at one of the deputy's cruisers which were positioned to protect the victim. The animal continued being hostile as he was loaded into the ambulance. SiouxlandProud reports that officials say the zebra may have been overly aggressive due to it being protective of five or six female zebras that were also present in the field.

Deputies used air horns to try and scare the zebra but it continued to charge at deputies and family members. SiouxlandProud reports that family members gave law enforcement permission to put the animal down, and a deputy fatally shot the zebra due to its ongoing aggressive behavior.

SiouxlandProud reports that sources have confirmed to law enforcement that the man is being treated for his injuries at a local hospital and will NOT lose his arm. Zebras are not considered to be wild and dangerous animals under Ohio state law.

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