In the battle for TV streaming services, it's all about channels and features. When I cut the cord on cable several years ago I ended up going with YouTube TV. It gave me a ton of channels including the ability to stream all my local television stations. I watch a lot of sports and I never miss any of my favorite teams including the Hawkeyes and the Green Bay Packers. But now, just in time for March Madness, YouTube TV has added something long overdue for streaming services.

Engadget reports that a new multiview feature is coming to YouTube TV. For many users, including myself, it is actually already here just in time for the opening weekend of March Madness! So what does this new feature allow you to do? On your YouTube TV home screen, you'll see your 'Top Picks For You' section. You'll now be able to choose a multiview of either two games being played or up to four games being played at once. It's a real game-changer. Here is how it looked on my TV last night.

Ryan Brainard
Ryan Brainard

While two other games went to commercial break I could still check in on the other two games that were being played. You can then scroll over to each box and listen to whichever game audio you choose. It's a great feature and super easy to use. You can also just watch one game at a time too. Engadget reports that the new multiview feature on YouTube TV is supported on all smart TVs and streaming devices.

The only downside? YouTube TV also announced a price increase on the same day as this amazing new feature. Talk about a buzz kill. YouTube TV will increase in price from $64.99 a month up to $72.99. The new price point will go into effect in April.

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