Happy 'Red Tuesday!'

Today marks exactly one week until Valentine's Day, but that's bad news for some couples. According to a new survey, today is the most popular day of the year to get dumped. Ouch!

1,500 people from the dating website Illicit Encounters were surveyed, and 30% of those people say they've broken up with a significant other the week before Valentine's Day. Why? The study reports:

"The significant majority (80%) simply stated that they no longer loved their significant other, and felt too guilty to spend a day full of love and romance with them, knowing that they couldn’t reciprocate those feelings."

Over half of that 80% said that they feared being proposed to or being pressured into proposing. I mean, Valentine's Day is a VERY popular day to get engaged!

I guess the only good news is that the majority of people (55%) choose to end things face-to-face. As for the rest of the dumpers, 28% ended things over the phone, 12% did it over text, and 5% did it on social media. Is that REALLY something you want to be posting on somebody's wall?! Come on! Have some respect!

Have you ever broken up with somebody right before Valentine's Day? Tell us why in the comments!

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