It absolutely blows my mind that somebody could be this cruel.

According to the Des Moines Register, three men near the Iowa border in Missouri recently witnessed something truly awful. Terry Parkhurst was out hunting, when he saw a man get out of his truck and throw something off of a bridge into the creek below. Terry's brother was curious as to what it was, so he went down to to investigate. That's when he came across a feed sack lined with plastic with 14 PUPPIES inside. The truck was already gone, but Terry, his brother, and his nephew knew they had to do something. The warmed the puppies, who were only a few days old, inside their truck. Terry told the Des Moines Register, “It caught us all off guard we were mad as hell. It’s cruel and inhumane treatment to an animal.”

Fast forward to now: the puppies are healthy and safe at AHeinz57 Pet Rescue and Shelter in De Soto, Iowa. They recently posted a video of the pups on their Facebook page:

AHeinz57 ended up being a perfect fit, since they currently have nursing mama dogs at their organization.

Amy Heinz, the CEO of AHeinz57, spoke about the dumping of the puppies in an interview, which, sadly, is not uncommon. She said, "It’s so needless and so heartless. There’s so many rescues here that would be happy to take the puppies and take care of them."

We're so relieved that those sweet babies are doing well, but in the mean time, the rescue group is looking for donations to help with the extra load. You can donate on their official Facebook page HERE or their website HERE.

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