Hikes are WAY more fun when there's llamas involved!

Prairie Patch Farm in Cedar Rapids is not your average farm. According to their Facebook page, they are a "private 50-acre wildlife refuge and nature preserve" that is best known for their one-of-a-kind experiences with their six llamas and their alpaca. Those experiences include online options, like Llama-Grams or Zoom meetings with llamas, but there are also some in-person experiences like Llama Hikes and the Selfies & Snuggles Farm Visit.

Llama Hikes take place April through June and September through December, with both public and private options. Public Group Hikes allow up to 10 people to participate, while Private Group Hikes have a maximum of 15. The entire experience lasts around 90 minutes, with the first 20 spent in the barn learning about the animals. The hike is around 1.5 miles long and is fun for all ages.

The Selfies & Snuggles Farm Visit is a little more laid back. With this experience, you'll be able to get up close and personal with the llamas for around 45 minutes. You can brush them, feed them treats, give them hugs, take pictures with them, and even dress them up (for an added fee)!

Tickets for spring Llama Hikes and the Selfies & Snuggles Farm Visit go on sale TODAY, March 24th at 12 p.m. Prairie Patch Farm even did a Facebook live video last night with the llamas to answer any questions that people had. You can check that out below:

I absolutely LOVE llamas and alpacas and it would be amazing to have an experience like this! You can get more info on the different options, dates, and prices on Prairie Patch Farm's website HERE.

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