You've probably drove past it on your way to a concert or out of town, or maybe you even made a special trip just to see it-- The World's Largest Truck Stop. And if you haven't visited and seen it for yourself, you've probably heard about it. Well now this point of interest is making headlines for another reason.

According to KCCI, the owners of the World's Largest Truck Stop, Will and Renee Moon, just made a huge donation to the University of Iowa football program and other athletic projects. The couple has been donating to the Iowa Athletics for over two decades. Their latest donation just made some major waves. Just how much was that donation? They donated $10 million!

What Does $10 Million Do for the University of Iowa Football Program?

In short, a lot. KCCI reports that part of the money will "fund the head football coaching position FOREVER." It will also help the program continue to thrive with the quality of the coaches and student-athletes. The Moon's know that their donation will help the football program, but they don't just want to win games. It's about supporting something they love, even when times are tough.

Everybody wants to support when things are going good; it’s easier to do that. But in more difficult times, that’s the time you really need to step up. And it won’t be difficult forever." -Will Moon

The Moon's made the donation because they genuinely enjoy the Hawkeye program. And we certainly do too, so thanks Moon family!

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