If you got a job offer somewhere other than Iowa, would you consider moving? Relocating for work was the focus of a new survey published by human resource consulting firm Robert Half.

The survey found that 62% of workers would consider moving to a new city for a job, with the number one deciding factor by FAR being better pay/perks. Family/personal reasons, cost of living, and career advancement also come into account when making the decision to move for work.

The people at Robert Half also figured out the cities that people are most willing to leave for a new job. Raleigh, North Carolina came in first place, but Miami and Des Moines, Iowa tied for second place! I was shocked to see that major cities like L.A., Seattle, and Chicago also made the list. You would think that people would want to move TO those major cities, but I guess not!

On the other hand, workers are least willing to relocate from Minneapolis, Boston, Philadelphia, and Detroit.

I moved to Cedar Rapids from the Metro Detroit area to work here at the radio station. I was absolutely terrified at the time, but I cannot begin to express how happy I am that I did. I think that everyone should venture out of their hometown while they're young and able, whether that means moving away or just doing a bit of traveling. After living in Iowa for four years and visiting at least one new state or city each year, I can honestly say that I can't ever see myself moving back to St. Clair Shores, Michigan. There are too many places to see and people to meet!

Check out the rest of the results from the survey HERE.

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