No one wants their vehicle broken into. For one Wisconsin family, not only did they have their car doors opened in the middle of the night, but they learned it was done by a family of bears.

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If you've never visited Bayfield, Wisconsin, it's a lovely place. Located in the northern part of the state, there are trees (and plenty of water) everywhere. Oh, and there are bears. Lots and lots of bears.

The family heard their car alarm going off and checked the security camera video which revealed the culprits had lots of fur and big teeth and claws.

So are you surprised to see a bear so easily open a vehicle door? Don't be. Their species has nearly perfected the art of opening doors in hopes that there will be a food source inside.

Don't let the bears near Bayfield, Wisconsin scare you away from the area. The Apostle Islands are located near there and it just might be one of the best vacation spots in America that many people don't know about. Just make sure to lock your doors and don't leave any food inside...or else.

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