Next time you jump in a Wisconsin lake BEWARE, there could be one, (or more), of these dangerous creatures lurking in the water beneath you.

Summers in Wisconsin

My family spends any free weekend we can find in Wisconsin, and most of those weekends happen to be during the summer months. Our family lake house is most definitely my happy place, but I just discovered an article that is ruining it a little for me.


The Only Thing I Hate About Lakes

I know this is beyond ridiculous, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't slightly worried about what is swimming below me each time I'm floating in lake water. It this irrational? Probably, but I hate when my feet get tangled in seaweed, and I really hate when a fish touches me or nibbles my toes. Now, thanks to the website AZ Animals, I'm even more worried about dipping more than a toe or two into the lake water of Wisconsin.

4 Dangerous Creatures You'll Find in Wisconsin Lakes and Rivers

According to this AZ Animals article;

Most animals in Wisconsin’s waters aren’t aggressive or harmful unless provoked. Therefore, keeping a safe distance is important. It’s still important to know exactly what animals are around when you plunge into the water, though.

Here are four dangerous creatures that can be found in Wisconsin lakes and rivers;

1. Sea Lamprey

This eel-like fish can be found in many North America lakes and rivers, including the Great Lakes in Wisconsin. These "Vampire Fish" like to suck the blood and fluids from their prey and often kill many big fish. Lucky for us humans, they only swim in very deep waters, so we shouldn't normally come in contact with one. (fingers crossed!)

2. Snakeheads

This fish used to be native to Africa, but is quickly invading North American waters, including Wisconsin lakes and rivers.

Florida Aims To Control Invasive Snakehead Fish Species
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Snakeheads are big fish that inflict big wounds, and what's worse? They can breathe air! AZ Animals says;

The snakehead fish can breathe air via a special organ that is located above its gills. This ability allows them to survive in low-oxygen waters and tidepools where other species would perish. They can even live on land for serval days as long as they stay moist. In addition, they’re known for their ability to “walk” on land using their pectoral fins.

Oh heck no!

3. Lake Sturgeon

This massive fish is often found in the Great Lakes and Mississippi River, and although it has no teeth to bite you with, a Sturgeon's massive size (they can go up to 200 pounds) can certainly mess up you up if they jump in a boat or swim into you.

Baltic Sturgeon, Once Extinct In The Region, Get A Second Chance In The Oder River
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4. Rattlesnakes

Sure, you won't find rattlesnakes IN a Wisconsin lake, but you could encounter two different kinds of rattlesnakes AROUND the edges of a Wisconsin lake; Timber Rattlesnakes and Easter Massasauga.


Both of these venomous snakes have rattlers to warn creatures to beware, so if you heard this sound near the water, vacate immediately!

If you're not a little freaked out about getting bit by mean and nasty things in Wisconsin, let me just leave with you this statement from AZ Animals;

 there aren’t actually that many dangerous animals in Wisconsin’s rivers or lakes. While there are some animals that may potentially harm swimmers, this is a very rare occurrence. None of these animals seek out people to harm.

Feel better now?

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