I am a pin cushion. I've become the victim of nature's blood suckers. I've tried bug spray but it's no use. The mosquitoes are winning. The wet spring that we had was the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. It's something that we're reminded of every time we step outdoors. But why are some people bit more than others? An estimated 20% of people are more prone to mosquito bites than others and for a variety of reasons.

One reason, as you might expect, is blood type. A study found that people with type O blood were bit by mosquitoes twice as much as people with type A. People with type B fell somewhere in the middle. Did you know that beer can make you more attractive? It works the same for mosquitoes! Just one 12 ounce beer can make you desirable to mosquitoes because of the ethanol excreted through your skin. According to research, mosquitoes also use sight to find you. Wearing clothing that is easily visible or bright could make you a target. And finally, mosquitoes are attracted by carbon dioxide. So if you are a larger person who exhales more gas than normal, you're a bigger target.

It may seem like a losing battle, but with a few adjustments and some decent bug spray, summer might just be fun again. Let's go take the outdoors back!

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