As a parent, you have a unique relationship with each of your kids. Each is special in its own way. Chase and I have a bond that only a father and son can have. Carly is a lot like me, so we relate on that level. Cayleigh, my youngest, is 8 years old. And she is at that age where she loves hanging out with Dad. I'll take it because I know it won't last long.

On Saturday, Cayleigh and I had a Father-Daughter day. First off, we had her final soccer game. I've been to every one of her games and practices this year. She always looks for me on the sidelines. She will sometimes give me an occasional thumbs up as if to say, 'I've got this!' Chase used to do the same thing. It's funny how similar these two are sometimes. Her team got the win, so afterward we went to her favorite spot to eat with dad. Taco Bell. It was her choice, I swear.

That afternoon, I took Cayleigh fishing for the first time. I taught her how to cast and she even reeled in her first fish! It fell off the hook right as she got it to shore, but we got a picture before we let him swim away.

Ryan Brainard
Ryan Brainard

No, she didn't want to hold the fish. She did like 'petting it' though. She also wasn't sure about putting the worm on the hook, but I was more than happy to do that. We fished for several hours, each of us catching one little blue gill that we had to throw back. But she had fun and was happy that we didn't get shut out.

As we headed home, Cayleigh was all excited to tell Mom about all the fun stuff we'd done that day. It was a moment that I know we won't get that many of. How many times do you get one on one time with your kids? I treasure my time with all three, but when you get the change to really connect with one, you jump at the chance. I hope it's a day she won't soon forget. I won't.

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