When the weather warms up in Eastern Iowa there a certain things you just have to put up with. The humidity and in many cases, gnats. The small insects are nothing new, but this year they seem especially "gnasty". Sorry, had to.

If it seems like the gnats are worse this year, perhaps it's because of the type of gnats we're seeing. A species known as the black fly is creating havoc outside right now. Entomologists are calling the situation an 'outbreak'. If you're getting bit a lot, like I have this year, here is why. The gnats are adults, and females need blood in order to produce their eggs. So they do a lot of feeding, which is bad news for us. Then they mate, and lay their eggs over water.

A couple of points of good news? The gnat outbreaks are usually short-lived lasting about three weeks or so. Also, gnats are not known to carry any infectious diseases as they travel around. Does that make them any less annoying? Um, no. Spray on plenty of Bug Soother and good luck!


[via CBS2]

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