For an event that brings so much joy and happiness to a city, why do many concertgoers feel down and out once the show is over? It turns out post-concert blues are a real thing, affecting fans of all ages, including my daughter.

Carly and I got to take in the Taylor Swift Era's Tour in Kansas City last weekend, along with tens of thousands of other fans. We'd purchased our tickets last November and waited months until it was finally our turn. We picked out our concert outfits and made friendship bracelets to exchange. And then the concert turned out to be everything that we could have imagined and more. We loved it! But then, in the blink of an eye, the show was over. The outfits are put away. Suddenly something that you looked forward to for half a year is done. Welcome to what is known as Post Concert Depression.

Ryan Brainard
Ryan Brainard

Going back to your normal life after an amazing concert experience can be a bit of a jolt. And then when you hear a song from that artist come on, you flash right back to that amazing experience. Christian End is an associate professor at Xavier University's School of Psychology. He told that the end of an amazing concert experience is a bit like a season-ending for a die-hard sports fan, with one difference. Sports fans get in a foul mood usually due to a loss. But there is no winning or losing at a Taylor Swift or Morgan Wallen concert. End went on to say that the feelings of depression that some concertgoers feel are similar to a sports fan when the season is over. There is a void in your life. You can no longer watch your favorite team or artist.

End also told that social media can play a big part. He says if other concertgoers post online about how sad they feel now that the show is over, it can become a self-fulfilling prophecy, with other people setting expectations on how you should feel. I personally don't feel blue now that my Taylor show has come and gone. I have some amazing memories with my daughter that will last forever. In my opinion, that is nothing to be depressed about.

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