It isn't unusual to see colorful birds in your yard this time of year. It's spring in Iowa, after all. But you might be wondering why some yards around the city of Marion have been invaded by a large flock of pink flamingos. Well, fear not. I hear that they're easy to get rid of!

Now there is the off chance that some people in Marion might have an occasional pink flamingo or two in a yard display. But if you see a flock of them you can bet that it is all part of a fundraiser for the Marion senior class of 2023. Each year the school holds an event called 'Project Graduation'. It is an overnight event held on Sunday, May 28th. The gathering is a drug and alcohol-free event for seniors. Students can win prizes, cash, and more! So what does this have to do with flamingos?

Ryan Brainard
Ryan Brainard

One of the fundraisers for 'Project Graduation' is the flocking of Marion yards. The flamingos appear on the yards of residents who signed up earlier this year. The 15 flamingos and a yard sign stay in the designated yard until the homeowner makes a donation and selects where the flamingos are headed to next! And just who drives around and moves these beautiful birds? That would be yours truly.

Holly informed me Sunday morning that she had signed us up to help with a fundraiser. When I inquired what we would be helping with, my phone dinged. It was the location of the first yard we'd be 'flocking'. The flamingo fundraiser lasts for the next three weeks so watch out for my flock...they could be headed to YOUR yard soon!

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