It was a sweaty day here in the KHAK studio! On this week's edition of "Who in the KHAK Crew?" we had to answer the question: Who in the KHAK Crew can do the most push-ups? Now, normally we have to make our selection based on opinion, but not today! Today we were able to figure out the winner simply by having a push-up competition in the studio. Spoiler alert: things got pretty weird.

Before you watch the video, I just want to say thank you to all of the listeners that had faith in me and guessed that I was able to do the most push-ups in the group. I totally appreciate the vote of confidence, but both Bob James and Danielle beat me. Brain probably would have too, if he had participated. All my body strength is in my legs, but I did manage to do a few good ones...

Here is the video from this week's "Who in the KHAK Crew:"

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