If you haven't been spending a ton of time on social media during this period of social distancing, you might be the only one! My screen time is WAY up right now, and that's thanks in part to all of the fun little memes going around.

One of the popular ones right now is the "You Can Only Keep Three" meme. If you haven't come across one yet, it's basically just a photo with nine different popular people, places, or things. Your job is to only choose three of the nine options. It's supposed to be difficult, but some are much easier than others. I've seen ones involving TV shows, movies, musicians, video games, albums, snacks, and restaurants.

Because of our social distancing boredom, we decided to make a "You Can Only Keep Three" meme of our own! We call ours the "Iowa Edition." As a native Michigander, I tried to come up with foods that I had never heard of or tried until moving to Iowa five years ago. With the help of some native Iowans, we narrowed our list down to nine Iowa staples. Here are your options:

For me, the choice was easy. I've never had morel mushrooms or a Maid-Rite, so that only left seven to pick from. I went with the pork tenderloin, breakfast pizza, and scotcharoos. What three would you pick? Let us know in the comments below!

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