High school seniors are starting to seriously consider their next steps once they snag their diplomas. Some will go to trade school, and many will look into going to college.

Just in time for those students to start thinking about which school might be the one for them, the Wall Street Journal put together a list of the top 400 colleges in the country.

It was based off of several key factors including student experience, salary impact, and social mobility..

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The top ten on the list are as follows:

  1. Princeton University ~ New Jersey
  2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology ~ Massachusetts
  3. Yale University ~ Connecticut
  4. Standford University ~ California
  5. Columbia University ~ New York
  6. Harvard University ~ Massachusetts
  7. University of Pennsylvania ~ Pennsylvania
  8. Amherst College ~ Massachusetts
  9. Claremont Mckenna College ~ California
  10. Babson College ~ Massachusetts

As you can see, the East Coast ended up making a clean sweep on the list. But what about Iowa? Did any of the Hawkeye State's universities break through the top 400 colleges in the country?

Well, three of them made the Wall Street Journal's top 400 college list, but only ONE cracked the top hundred.

Coming in at ninety-seven on the list was Drake University. This Iowa school actually came in above Johns Hopkins University and right below George Mason University.

The President of Drake University, Marty Martin, expressed his pride in the college's spot on this list in a press release,

“As we continue to invest in our campus and pave the way toward a brighter future for the generations to come, this is a reminder of all the incredible progress we’ve already made toward that vision.”

The two other big universities also made the top 400 list. The University of Iowa ranked 160 on the Wall Street Journal's list whilst Iowa State University came in at 145 on the list.

KM/Drake University/Canva
KM/Drake University/Canva

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