Whether you know him as the Yeti, Bigfoot, or Sasquatch, there have supposedly been thousands of sightings of this guy in various states and provinces in Canada. Bigfoot is not just a Northern American phenomenon either. We often hear a lot about Big Foot sightings in and around our little part of the globe but Bigfoot's reach stretches a lot further than the United States and Canada.

Unsplash - Jon Sailer
Unsplash - Jon Sailer

According to Exemplore, Australia, China, and Russia also have their own Bigfoot-like creatures. In other parts of the world, some might call this creature the Abominable Snowman. It appears as if Bigfoot is located on every continent except possibly Antarctica.


If you jump on the internet and search Bigfoot on Google or YouTube, you are quite literally diving into a bottomless pit of the internet. There are tons of Bigfoot sightings, fake Bigfoot videos, Bigfoot conspiracy theories, and businesses that are straight-up just called Bigfoot. Some also argue that this movie is what catapulted Bigfoot into the national spotlight.

There is a website that has helped to narrow down these sightings by states and provinces in North America. How reliable are these sightings? I'll let you be the judge. With this many reports of people seeing or finding Bigfoot, you'd think he'd be a much more popular guy.

According to BFRO, up until the year 2021, there had been 76 Bigfoot reports in the state of Iowa. The most recent Bigfoot report was back in April 2018. This website also breaks down which counties have reportedly seen Bigfoot the most.

Where To Find Bigfoot in Iowa

If you're on the hunt to find Bigfoot here in the Hawkeye state, supposedly you'll need to search in Humbolt County. BFRO reports 9 Bigfoot sightings in the Humbolt area. There are only 2 other counties that really even come close to that number of sightings. Dallas County and Dubuque County each have reported 6 Bigfoot sightings.

Most of the other Iowa counties that have reported seeing Bigfoot have 4 or fewer reported sightings.

Have you ever come across Bigfoot? Do you believe Bigfoot exists? All I know is if I ever come across a creature like this, I'm turning around and going home. I'm not going to grab my phone and start filming or try and take a picture. I'm just going to allow him/her to keep on living their life and I'm going to pretend we never met.

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