It's hard to say goodbye to your favorite college basketball players. As a Hawkeye fan, the past several seasons have seen some Iowa greats moving on to the NBA. But it can be tough to catch them on TV or even keep up with which team they play for! Former Hawkeyes Luka Garza, Joe Wieskamp, and Keegan Murray are all currently playing in the NBA Summer League and you have plenty of chances to catch them in action! Thanks to Hawkeye Heaven on Facebook for letting us know when to watch!

Let's start with Luka Garza. The Iowa All-American was drafted by Detriot and spent most of his rookie season in the G-League. Last week the Pistons cut him, but it didn't take long for Garza to sign somewhere else. The Portland Trailblazers signed him to their summer league team. Here is when and where you can catch Garza in action this month!

  • July 7th - 11 pm on ESPN
  • July 9th - 9 pm on ESPN 2
  • July 11th - 10 pm on ESPN 2
  • July 14th - 8:30 pm on NBA TV

Joe Wieskamp was also a rookie in the NBA last season playing for the San Antonio Spurs. Wieskamp also spent time in both the NBA and the G-League. The Spurs are optimistic about his future as the team goes through a bit of a rebuild. Here is when you can watch Joe and the Spurs in action.

  • July 8th - 4 pm on NBA TV
  • July 10th - 6:30 pm on NBA TV
  • July 11th - 6 pm on ESPN
  • July 14th - 2 pm on ESPN 2

Keegan Murray made Iowa basketball history when he became the highest NBA Draft pick in Hawkeye history! Murray went 4th overall to the Sacramento Kings. He's already drawing rave reviews for his play early on in the summer league season. Here is when you can catch up with Keegan and the Kings!

  • July 9th - 9 pm on ESPN
  • July 10th - 2 pm on ESPN
  • July 13th - 7 pm on NBA TV
  • July 15th - 7 pm on NBA TV

It appears that Wieskamp and certainly Murray will have spots on their NBA teams this fall. Garza needs to play well for Portland this summer to make the team. No matter who you cheer for at least we can all yell, 'Let's Go Hawks!'

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