It's no secret that I am a HUGE fan of Halloween. I come up with a new costume every year, and I go ALL out. I can remember at least two Halloweens where I spent $200+ on costumes! I don't do that anymore, but I do still try to find ways to make my costumes as authentic as possible. This year I taught myself to sew! Luckily it didn't have to look good (Dobby just wear a pillowcase in the Harry Potter movies), because I am not very skilled in that department. Here are some of my favorite Halloween costumes from the past 8 years or so:

I was VERY impressed by the quality of costumes and the creativity I saw online and in person this year. I really appreciate that there are other adults out there that take Halloween as seriously as I do!

Now it's your turn to share your costumes! What's your favorite Halloween costume you or your child has ever worn? We would love to see some photos! Here are a few of our favorites from listeners on Facebook:

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