Our surroundings and where we grow up can shape us as people. At least that's what seems to happen according to an article on MSN Lifestyle titled 'What the State You Grew Up In Says About You'.

Here's what the article had to say about those of us who grew up in Iowa.

You know that puppy chow isn't for puppies and that the Maid Rite is the best sandwich ever. You know to yell "Padiddle!" when you see a car with one headlight out. You've participated in or watched RAGBRAI. -MSN Lifestyle

The only one of these I can check off this list is that I know puppy chow isn't for puppies, but instead a delicious treat! And what the heck is "Padiddle!"? I grew up in Missouri so cut me some slack. Let's see what this article had to say about some of our neighbors.

Illinois- "You would never even think of putting ketchup on your hot dog. It will always be the Sears Tower to you. You've wondered why other states don't have a Casimir Pulaski Day."

Minnesota- "You've said the phrases "you betcha" or "oh, for cute". You know it's a hotdish, not a casserole. You can't wait for the state fair so you can eat your favorite food-on-a-stick."

Missouri- "You know ranch dressing tastes delicious on so many different foods. You are well acquainted with the "Home of Throwed Rolls". You spent summer evenings as a kid catching lightning bugs." I can attest that all of these are accurate.

Nebraska- "You can't understand why chili and cinnamon rolls aren't served together in other places. You don't think it's unusual that hot dogs are shot out of a cannon at Husker games. You know Dorothy Lynch dressing goes on almost every food imaginable."

Wisconsin- "Traveling coast to coast means going from LaCrosse to Milwaukee. You drink from a bubbler. You know how to pronounce "brats" properly."

Do you agree with these statements? What did you learn from growing up in Iowa?

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