Everyone has to be the best at something, right? Even if that 'something' isn't a good thing. A new study ranked each nation in the world at what they were best at. Some of the results are encouraging like Norway being the best at pizza eating. Uruguay being the best at farmland. Then there are the other not so great 'bests'.

Argentina is best at horse meat. Um, no thank you. El Salvador is number one for least police. That sounds safe. China is number one for jailed journalists. Gulp. What about our dear home, the United States of America? Well, it's nothing as sinister as porn, and yes, I'm talking to you Hungary. The U.S. is the best at spam emails. You're welcome world.

You can check out a fun map of what each country in the world is best at HERE.  Be careful, some aren't  so easy on the eyes. Others will make you laugh out loud!


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