A Waterloo favorite restaurant was on the cusp of closing this fall.

Located at 126 East Ridgeway AveMersim’s Kitchen, has been serving up delicious Bosnian food for years now. The owners of the restaurant have transformed it into a hub for the community.

Unfortunately, not everything is meant to stay the same forever...

News started circulating that that Bosnian and American eatery would be closing up shop. However, according to reports a loyal customer named Michael Noel saw rumors that they were closed on social media and decided to look into it.

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Noel ended up buying the restaurant that opened several years ago. He is the chief executive officer and owner of multiple businesses, so running this sort of business won't be too different from what he's used to.

Mersim Osmicevic and his team have been running the Bosnian restaurant for years now. According to reports, the owner was just a bit too tired to continue running the place.

Don't worry though! The food, atmosphere, and the staff pretty much is staying the same! Noel confirmed that he is essentially staying out of the kitchen and will just be focusing on managing the place.

While Mike will be taking over the management of the restaurant, he won't be changing up the menu. Osmicevic will actually stay on as a cook for Mersim's, so the food that customers love will be the same.

"We wish Mike the best of luck and look forward to witnessing the success of Mersim’s for many more years to come," said the previous owners in a statement.

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