Chances are when you get pulled over by an officer with the Iowa State Patrol, your first thought isn't "man, that's a great looking patrol cruiser they're driving!" But if it is, then we've got the contest for you!

The Iowa State Patrol is once again competing against law enforcement agencies from across the country to see who has the best-looking police cruiser. So what's on the line? Bragging rights? A modeling contract and world tour? Actually, the winner of 'Best Looking Cruiser' will be featured on the cover of 'America's Best Looking Trooper Cruiser 2020 Wall Calendar' published by the American Association of State Troopers! I'm not sure how much bigger it can get!

According to the tweet, the Iowa State Patrol is almost in the top 12! You can vote by clicking HERE, and then choosing the Iowa State Patrol on the list of cruisers. Don't you want to be able to say that you got pulled over by the best looking cop car in the nation?


[via WHO]

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