Every year, the Iowa Pork Producers Association holds a contest to determine the best breaded pork tenderloin in the state of Iowa. The 2024 competition officially kicked off yesterday (April 17th), which means it's time to send in your nominations!

According to a new press release, the IPPA is now asking Iowans to send in the name of the local restaurant that serves their favorite breaded pork tenderloin. Each person is can only send in one nomination. It's important to note that nominations must be for restaurants that are open year-round, have regular hours, and serve tenderloins on the regular menu. That means no food trucks, concession stands, catering companies, etc. All nominations must be send via the Iowa Pork Producers Association website HERE. June 3rd is the nomination deadline.

Once the nomination period is over, the top five restaurants from each of Iowa's eight districts (40 total restaurants) will be "evaluated by a panel of undercover judges who will visit the locations and rank the tenderloins based on pork quality, taste, physical characteristics, and overall eating experience." Out of those 40 restaurants, only five will be named winners, and they will be announced in the month of October. The grand prize winner will get $500, a plaque, and a WHOLE lot of attention!

If you're wondering how big this contest is, last year there were over 9,000 nominations for 774 different restaurants! Cliff's Place in Manning ended up being the top pick. Here are all of the past winners (from restaurants that are still open):

All the Restaurants That Have Won Iowa's Best Pork Tenderloin Contest

The Iowa Pork Producers Association has been hosting their annual Best Breaded Pork Tenderloin Contest since 2003! Here are all of the winning restaurants that are still in business as of January 2024:

Gallery Credit: Courtlin

All of Iowa's Best Burger Winners Since 2010

Every year, the Iowa Beef Industry Council puts on a contest to figure out which restaurant has the most delicious burger in the state. Here are all all the honorees that are still in business as of January 2024:

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