If you're a fan of the chicken from Kwik Star, you could be eating it every week for the rest of your life... FOR FREE. The convenience store chain has just launched their new 'Fried Chicken For Life' Contest!

Kwik Star's new contest officially began on February 27th and runs through April 8th. How do you enter? Well, it's actually pretty simple! All you have to do is buy some chicken! The website says that "any fried chicken purchase made while using Kwik Rewards between February 27th and April 8th, 2024 will have you entered to win fried chicken for life." That includes the fried chicken (2, 4, and 8-piece), but also the chicken tenders, boneless wings, and crispy chicken sandiwch. The winner will receive one free 8-piece fried chicken per week for life. As Kwik Star says: "That’s a lot of chicken."

You can check out all the official rules for the sweepstakes HERE.

To be totally honest with you, I've never had any of the chicken products from Kwik Star. But, Brain has had their chicken tenders MANY times and raves about them! How do you feel about Kwik Star's fried chicken? Let us know by shooting us a message on our app!

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