As flames engulfed the cab of the semi-truck that had just crashed on I-80 a fellow truck driver stopped to assist and helped to pull the driver to safety.

It was all captured on video and posted on Facebook by Julia Smith, the daughter of the heroic man who likely saved the life of a fellow trucker.

KCRG reports that the accident happened on Sunday, August 30 on eastbound I-80 near Walcott, when Robert Smith's semi was rear-ended in an accident that involved a total of five vehicles.

When Smith emerged and saw the truck behind his going up in smoke and flames, he called out to see if there was anyone in the cab. He heard a voice and then wasted no time in trying to help the driver escape before it was too late.

He called out for help, asking for someone to bring him a crowbar to attempt to break the driver's door window. Watching the video you can sense the urgency and Robert's intensity, and you can almost feel the heat from the flames, as they billow thick plumes of black smoke skywards.

Robert then heads back toward the burning vehicle and works to help the man escape through the driver's side window. Robert then pulls the man to his feet, away from the truck, and to safety.

Police report the survivor was later sent to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Robert's daughter posted the rescue on Facebook video and says her dad is a real hero.

Robert has since kept a low profile, but its no surprise that he also kept his cool during a time of real emergency. KCRG reported that before becoming a truck driver, Robert spent years as a law enforcement officer as an Iowa State Patrolman.

Source: KCRG, Facebook

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